Comment: A gun may protect you from the crazy masses....

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A gun may protect you from the crazy masses....

when the economy crashes.

Guns and bullets will be worth their weight in gold to trade but you probably won't unless you're starving.

I agree that libertarians have a lot to offer. So do independents, moderate and liberty-minded republicans and smaller third-parties.

The key is to find 10-12 issues that we can find common ground and rally behind to create a 30% tipping-point for change.

The challenge is going to be social and moral issues that split liberty-minded, small-government, non-interventionist, fiscal conservatives.

Unfortunately, it's ours to lose because we all feel it has to be 100% my way or nothing with abortion being the biggest divisive issue.

Ten common issues to rally behind in unison and we can't even agree what they should be.

We can't save ourselves, a gun might be the only thing we'll have to save ourselves.