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There's a third group.

But it's easy to conveniently forget us.

We are long time GOPers who have been supporting RP before 98% of you even knew who he was.

Personally, yes, I am disappointed in Rand insofar as he is not his father.

That said, other than his father, he's the SINGLE BEST that the GOP has had around since 1988. And, hence, this DP Rand bashing I find to be mindless and ridiculous.

The Rand bashers claim to be "principled" and yet will lie through their teeth to bash him like this Op poster has been.

It's unbecoming of Ron's legacy, of the DP and it's frankly reprehensible. Go back to the LP, where you can be among friends in your less than 1% of the voting public.

Us 10, 20 and 30 year + GOP Ron Paul supporters will be supporting Rand.