Comment: You missed my point

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You missed my point

I'm not saying anything about should we have the right. I'm asking if we should be FORCED to expend all sorts of effort, day in and day out just to survive. I'm saying it should be our choice.

Today, if we don't keep things private, we literally don't survive. We're robbed and jailed and all kinds of stuff by no fault of our own. Those problems should not exist.

THEN, IF they don't exist, in this better world that results, we can much more easily choose what factions of our lives we want private and we can do so with no major effort, cost or detriment to us. That choice should be ours but today, it is not. Today it is forced upon us.

So, it's not about taking away the right to privacy, it's actually about further supporting that very right. How? By making it easy.