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for the point of the article. It's not about removing privacy but making easier to do.

And yes, it doesn't matter if we have a government we can trust. We still hold in our power the right to choose what is kept private.

But that choice is nowadays made for us. We are forced to choose privacy in everything. Period. We simply cannot survive a normal life if we let it all out, so to speak. What I'm trying to investigate are the reasons that have stopped that option.

Regarding the statement that they can never be trusted, I disagree. I'm certainly not saying it would be easy but there definitely is a couple ways to accomplish it.

You state "eventually, they all turn corrupt". So? Past history does not guarantee future performance. It is actually pretty easy to see where things went wrong in every government example in history. All one needs are the hard true facts (sure, not real easy) and a rational debate on how that can be avoided. Even if this path only yielded a 'good' government for a limited period of time, during that time, we'd be better off than we are when we do nothing. For that reason, I find it defeatist to say they all turn corrupt because that's equivalent to saying 'why try'?