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I'd start with building a

I'd start with building a coop. I live in a cold winter climate so I insulated my coop with 1 1/2" Styrofoam insulation. I also added a heat lamp on a thermostat to prevent their water from freezing and to prevent the eggs from freezing. If eggs freeze, the whites break and the yolk becomes brittle, but they are still edible, just not nearly as good.

If there are potential night-time predators then you need to have a door you can shut at night. The chickens will instinctively make their way to the coop at sunset.

The coop needs some sort of nest boxes. Nest boxes should be easily accessible for harvesting your eggs.

As far as the roo goes, you can start with a roo but if he becomes ornery or a nuisance, then you can cook him up! Young chickens will taste better than old chickens.

I have a friend whose chickens run around the yard with the cats and dogs with no problems, and his dogs are guard dogs. So I don't know exactly how to accomplish this, but my cat is deathly afraid of the chickens- one peck to the nose learned him good!

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.