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It is getting hard to believe anything from the news. Who knows.

Ultimately the story futhers a conception that mental health issues are rampant and causing people to go on killing sprees; more ammo for the gun ban liars.

Do they stage news events? Yes they do. Was this one staged? I don't know.

Years ago there was a news story about a rastafarian guy who was selling stuff downtown and got into a scuffle with the police. Well, the rasta guy was a police officer. There was no doubt. The rasta guy not only looked identical, but also had the same tattoos. It was the police officer, for whatever reason acting out a scene to be made into news. It really made me wonder what the pupose of creating such a seemingly meaningless news story. Maybe it was just practice? Practice acting in public? The only negative alterior motive I could imagine from the content was to build civil unrest and contept for the police, because in the news "story" the rasta guy was hassled and abused by the cops. There is zero doubt in my mind that the man being portrayed as a rastafarian on the street was in fact a police officer acting. To what extent is this being done?