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But you're still arguing for solutions to "J"

If we do this algebraically, then...

A) People decide what they want private and act accordingly.
B) Bad people create ways they can benefit from stealing info.
C) This causes harm to the owner.
D) People don't want this harm to happen to them.
E) People greatly increase their privacy so "C" doesn't happen.
F) As they win this battle, the abusers find new ways to win.
G) More is robbed, causing harm.
H) As they win the battles, the people spend more on privacy.
I) Security companies cash in, causing expense.
J) Repeat from "F" through "I" endlessly.

The whole system should stop after "A" because "B" never got started until recently (historically). If it did get started, it was either insignificant or minimized due to some form of peer pressure.

Unfortunately, not only are we fighting against "J" for every given path that this can take place, new paths for "B" are being started all the time.

Am I the only one that sees this as us fighting thousands of tiny brush fires while leaving the rampant arsonist to run free? I'm not saying to let those brush fires (J) burn us but can't we ALSO discuss how to stop B?