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I'm sure Chris Kyle was well intentioned...

just as are the majority of the men and women that serve in the military. They have been rigorously taught and devoutly believe that they are fighting to preserve freedom. However, 99% of the wars that the US central government engages these young folks in are not for freedom but for the war profiteers. In reality, the men and women in the military are fighting in service to K Street. War is a money funnel that diverts potentially productive capital to destruction.

I give my regards to Mr. Kyle's family, but killing should not be glamorized. If I had children, I would prefer them to look towards a good teacher or someone principled like Ron Paul as a role model rather than someone that is proud of all the people that they killed. Certainly, I will not place Mr. Kyle on a pedestal and bow to him as you suggest. I do not engage in hero worship. I treat others as my equals and expect the same from them.

These situations are always tough for the survivors. I wish them well through the grieving process.

I'll leave it at that for now. I need to call a friend that lost his dad yesterday to a heart attack. Life is delicate and precious. Everyone should be taught to respect it.