Comment: Sure. Let's address "B" then

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Sure. Let's address "B" then

Sure. Let's address "B" then.

By "bad people" if you understood to whom I was pointing fingers to, you may agree with me on the following, that "B" can be any or a mix of:

B.1. officials already in charge (either executive, judicial, or legislative)
B.2. elected representatives
B.3. various layers of civil servants depending on the above
B.4. big corporate

(I may forget others, e.g., foreign interests with insiders of their own too...)


Back to privacy: I tried to make the point that if YOU neglect YOUR KEEPING CUSTODY of this or that item of YOUR privacy, any or a mix of the above will try to take advantage of it by force of law (for B.1 to B.3) or by force of money (B.4).

So, what about it? How to fix it?


then, to prevent "B" from spawning into the rest of your enumeration - DEBUNK, EXPLAIN, DEMONSTRATE the unintended (and, maliciously intended) consequences of allowing "B" to ACQUIRE whichever item of privacy is relevant.

Indeed, YOU have provided the solution by yourself: the debunking, is, case by case, all about this "C" to "J" - what you only need is prior occurrences knowledge of failures - for the privacy item you're concerned with.

Concrete example I started with (there are many to pick from, but that one is especially DESTRUCTIVE economically speaking - I hope you don't underestimate it):


FULL of good intents, right?

Maybe, maybe not. But even if so:

YOU KNOW already it doesn't work and will never do so - because you have prior examples, various flavors, but same FLAWED PRINCIPLES, that it is economically unsustainable in the long run and, furthermore, ALSO the self-sustaining source and recipient of always more lobbying and moral hazard, by crony capitalism. If not done yet, the government and big pharma corporate WILL DECIDE behind closed doors the details of the implementation - you will only have TO ACCEPT THE PRICE to pay - thru taxation. Doesn't matter which next excuses they will find to HIDE THEIR FAILURES - they WILL find those and explain the gullible that what is needed is MORE OF IT.

Where to look at? Europe.

You have several, many countries, where you will see it does not work - unless one accepts it "working" where it's "normal" that over 50% of your income is redistributed for everybody else for things YOU HAVE NO WORD about any longer.

Your privacy item, again, is only A PATH to lay down the rhetoric foundations of statist management later on.

How to protect ourselves, our critical privacy items that are the best candidates for being taken advantage of in such schemes, then?

Easy: stick to fundamental TEXTS and principles.

Collective efforts are not intrinsically flawed or undesirable - look at charity - but they should always BE VOLUNTARY and, seemingly, as local as possible. I would LOVE to have ZERO income tax and be able to choose to donate for whatever is needed in the city and county I live in ... but I can't. I am already trapped in a rat race where some of my privacy (income) has been surrendered to the state.


Thank you 1913.

'HTH / it makes more sense,

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