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College is for credentialing, not for education

This is the most important point you need to understand. A college degree is a piece of paper that gets you in the door for certain kinds of employment. Without it, those doors will likely never open.

That being said, a college degree is important, and should be obtained as cheaply as possible. Unless you're coming from an elite school like Harvard or Yale, where you get your degree isn't that important, nor are your grades. Any good state school is perfectly fine.

So I'd say get as many AP credits as you can in high school to save money. Take your first two years at a community college to get the credits, and save money. Transfer into a state school, with in-state tuition, live at home with your parents, to save money. This is an investment. You want to get the most bang for your buck.

Don't end up like this guy. Understand what college is for: Credentialing.

The sooner you get out of college, the sooner you can start your education.

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