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Comment: Well, how about we remove the incentives?

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Well, how about we remove the incentives?

"Well, how about we remove the incentives?"

I have to go for now. I may elaborate more on that later, but yes, incentives and also undesirable incentives "by construction" are a very good place where there's room for improvement, I think.

I just let you ponder on that one that I thought of many times, regarding politics in general, not just in the USA - a topic I affectionate especially:


Most if not all of our representatives in Republics are tax-payer-paid (congress, senate, etc).

What if, unlike firefighters or a public post office, we would have politicians FUNDING THEMSELVES THEIR COMMITMENT TO THEIR IDEAS / POLICIES they propose the people?

Isn't A SURE RENT a good source of moral hazard for politicians who don't even care what the bill discussed is actually about?

You want to do politics? Have a real, self-sustaining job first. In this information age, I don't even want to hear about "yes, but that'd require unfeasible changes in time management / presence in the Houses, etc"

To that I say: seriously? B.S. There might be other difficulties, but not that one.


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