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Comment: "Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey

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"Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey

"Former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey was also being touted as a candidate, but sources said she also is unlikely to get in the race."

LOL!!! Mass GOP Liberty activists made mince meat of Kerry Healey and most of the other Romney cronies at the District 6 GOP delegate caucus elections last April. Bring it on!


6th Congressional District The results of the delgate election were:

Ed Rombach (Liberty) - 117
Bruce Tarr (Official Romney) - 115
Jonathan Berecz & Tom Bowling (Both Liberty) TIED - 114
Brad Jones (Official Romney) - 109
Kerry Healey (Official Romney) - 108 <<< LOSER!

The results for Alternate were:

Scott MacDonald (Liberty) - 95
Evan Kenney (Liberty) - 91
Stephanie Hamilton (Liberty) - 90
Charlie Baker (Official Romney) - 72
Luke Noble (Official Romney) - 62
Brad Jones Official Romney - 45 <<< Mass House Minority Leader -- BIG LOSER!
Frank Cousins (Official Romney) - 33

Ed Rombach