Comment: So many reasons.The first

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So many reasons.The first

So many reasons.

The first reason is that you are not free while you are being watched. Your behavior alters because subconciously you know you have no privacy.

When governments go tyranical, they pass ridiculous laws, such as making it illegal to photoshop pictures of the glorious leader, or say bad things about your government. The more information they have collected and archived about you, the easier it is for them to find you guilty of breaking one of their stupid fucking laws. This is a tool for tyrants to "disapear" political enemies and rabble rousers.

You may be one of these idiots who says: "But IM not doing anything wrong, what do I care!?" Because sooner or later, as the noose of tyrany tightens, something you like to do will "become" a crime. In the end in a totlitarian state, EVERYONE is guilty of something... so add the horrors of total surveilance to this, and that means the government has the absolute power to destroy anyone at any time. Congradulations, you now live in a society where the people are terrified of their government.

You may recall that old quote: "First they came for the jews, but I was not a jew so I did nothing... etc etc."

But lets say that your the sort of spinless boot licking yes man who doesn't even break laws in a totlitarian state. Well then you probably deserve a noose, because you have condoned without protetest some pretty horrible shit by this point. When laws become lawless, id rather be an outlaw.

Like most things in our Constitution, the right to privacy was designed as a roadblock to the most horrific of calamities humanity can inflict on ourselves. Tyrannical government. Nothing kills more. Nothing takes more. Nothing has more potential for ending this species. Every year, 1984 looks more and more plausable.