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*bows*You're welcome. I


You're welcome. I serve in the militia, but I would never turn myself into a state-sponsored murderer so I could come home and do a tour about what a fucking mess my life is because of the children I blew to pieces.

It would be nice if our troops would wake the hell up and realize who is actually attacking American liberty and destroying our freedom.

It would be nice if they would point all those weapons at DC and the UN and say: "Get the hell off of our land."

However they wont... they'll keep serving the money masters, slaughtering innocents, and then blowing their brains out in misery a few years down the road, high on psycotropes.

Sadly the things you do when you are young and stupid and believing the lie cannot be undone, and sorry does not cut it. I feel sorry for those who serve and wake up to the horrors of truth. However if they want to atone, they should stop blowing their own brains out, and start aiming those guns at the source.