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Comment: Find a reputable company

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Find a reputable company

And get your precious metals delivered. I don't even trust security boxes in banks. Of course you'd have to either get a safe or be real smart about hiding places.

I knew nothing about the precious metals market when I made my purchases, and don't really feel motivated to research the issue deeply. I heard the best "store of value" purchase is bullion coins, so that's what I bought. I first purchased some french francs from Midas Resources (the company that's advertised on the Alex Jones show) at what I later found out was an inflated price.

A friend recommended California Numismatic Investments, so I ended up buying the bulk of my gold and silver from them - after doing some comparison shopping I found that their prices were the lowest. Their buy-back price seems to be higher than other companies I've looked at as well. I purchased a few years ago and the value of my coins (even the ones from Midas) have gone up a bit over 50% since then, so it was definitely a good buy.

Good luck with your investment!