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Comment: Secret To Wealth..In The Bible....Ready? Here It Is!

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Secret To Wealth..In The Bible....Ready? Here It Is!

"....a man is rich in what he can afford to do without.."

nuff said..

He may have be responsible for saying: "More than a mouthful is too much"...Just kidding..


Seriously, I thank my Dad for getting me involved in buying God & Silver at a very early age. I never sold it thanks to my Dad. He said "E", someday Gold & Silver will be worth a lot, so keep it, accumulate it and hide it. Never tell anyone where it is...

I loved my Dad and miss him alot..He taught me much..Reminds me of Dr. Paul...Always the Gold bug..Took me to many coin shows..

He always had guns around. Taught me to shoot straight and care for them...I have his old, old tapped up Stevens Savage Shotgun...