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well, some of us are no longer in . . .

a classroom being graded for how we answer questions.

I'm sorry if I didn't read closely enough to catch that fine point.

Whether *you* made that assumption or not, if anyone proposes that privacy doesn't matter, because those who will use information about a person for or against that person will be a benign authority (because someone with information will be able to wield power whether for good or for bad)--

then someone, reading that, will think to him/herself, "there is no benign authority; why should anyone I don't want to have information have it?"--

That's what I thought.

I've had my years of professors who tried to get me to think along a certain line.

You can feel smart about asking 'tough questions', but my answer will be the same.

I don't want anyone to have information about me. I can barely trust those close to me with information about myself. I've been cautious about sharing anything on here; you can see my state isn't listed--
I know that private/personal things will slip out; nobody can prevent that, if they talk about anything, but I am still wary--

I might suggest that it is a bit arrogant for a person to assume that those with whom he/she is having a discussion need to be 'taught'--

to appoint yourself the discussion leader--

you're going to get different opinions, and if it amuses you to think that you are intellectually superior to the people with whom you are discussing this matter--

then don't be surprised if people don't want to discuss things with you--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--