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I agree that name calling is never a productive way....

of communication - which you also did, btw. Even at that though, I don't think the commenters intend their statements about Mr. Kyle to be blanket statements regarding all troops. Certainly, I don't think that people here are as anti-troop as those antiwar protesters that spit at the men and women returning from Vietnam. I do think many of the people here that have listened to what Mr. Kyle has had to say have opinions based on his comments and are speaking from their impressions of him.

Personally, I respect the troops for their intentions. The government has good propaganda that only works better in a totalitarian organization such as the military. I doubt it's easy for an active duty person to "wake up."

However, I do sometimes wonder how many of the men and women in the military have ever read the Constitution which they have sworn an oath to protect. It should be a mandatory part of basic training - understanding the Constitution, that is. If they did, they would find that any war not declared by Congress is unconstitutional, and as a result, any order given in the execution thereof should also be considered unconstitutional. What if our king called for a war, but no one showed up?

I'm sure that Mr. Kyle did save lives. Further, I'm sure that he did what thought he had to do - as does most everyone that is put in that situation. I doubt too many people hold that against him. I just think people didn't like what he had to say after the fact.

I would like to say that I don't agree that people that serve in the military should be held in any higher regard than other people. Doing so makes children want to be like them which just feeds more youths to the war racket. We need to celebrate people that stand against government tyranny rather than the people that are used as tools to execute it. That's not to say that the troops should be put down or disrespected collectively. I'm just saying that children should be persuaded against enlisting in the military and be made aware of the true state of affairs.