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Nader did teach his supporters

The only reason I became a Nader supporter was because I had witnessed the stolen election in 92.. I was my prescinct's inpector for the registrar's office, and had approximately 10K uncounted, locked ballots, in my car, with a poll worker. Being Nov, it was dark, and there was a long lone of headlights behind us, folks just like us waiting to drop off our locked boxes. We heard Ton Brokaw announce Cliton was winner. We looked at each other like "WTF?"

CA, OR, WA, AZ, Hi.. none of those states' ballot had been counted.. so how could it have been possible.. electoral college or not?

Nader at the time was pretty famous for suing the government. He's sued darn near every department.. and he caught wind of the stolen election and folks like me complaining, and that's what made him get into the presidential election 96. He ran as an Indy, and had many third parties, Reform nominated him, Green Party split over him, so he spanned the left and right of extreme third wing parties because the one thing we all had in common was wanting ballot access and open debates.

I worked with Nader for three elections. When Ron Paul ran in 07/08, it was like "coming home", though I hoped he would run Indy then. Now I see that what Nader did in his run, was effectiviely shut out any hope for a third party or Indy, because he gave the government every opportunity to make sure the doors were locked.. all we got from his campaigns were multible law suits in multibale states, and we lost all of them. He also started the Indy movement.. which now I see that as a way to marginalize people because they only get to vote for who other parties put on their ballots. They have no voice. And I think Nader is sympathetic to the NWO UN Agenda.. but I can't prove that.. his books are very pro- constitution and America.

What he thinks about Rand, is like many here, having nothing to do with Rand, but everything to do with HATING the GOP.

I once feared and loathed the GOP.. but now, I think Ron Paul was correct.. why reinvent a wheel when it's primed to be taken?

The only regret I have so far is not joining the GOP in 07.