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I am not anti-Ashkenazi--

The only thing I have ever criticized about European Jews IN ISRAEL is the way they have treated African Jews and Sephardic Jews IN ISRAEL. I obviously didn't spell Sephardic the right way.

I admit that I haven't studied Jewish ancestry very much, even though I have Jewish relatives; some of them have concerted to Christianity; some of them have not, but I have had nothing to do with conversions, and I support those who remain Jewish.

Because I state that nobody knows how many have been killed in worldwide genocides--

I become anti-Semitic?

I, too, am not sympathetic with Zionism, but I think that using the word "anti" is problematic. I believe that the governments of both America and Israel are being controlled by some kind of cartel. Do I believe most of the 'members' of the cartel are of Jewish descent? No, I do not.

So, why am I anti-Semitic?

I am wary of Israel, because most of the members of my own Christian denomination revere the leaders of Israel and are highly pro-Israel, very sentimental about Israel--

and are highly anti-Muslim.

I am neither Muslim nor Jew, but it's enough proof to me that the Muslims have been used as an excuse for invading the middle east--

that hundreds of thousands of innocent middle easterners of mostly Muslim religion have been killed in the past decade--

That makes me suspicious that Islam is being used as an excuse for something--

the fact that most of my Christian friends claim that Israel is a frightened victim when the people of Gaza are suffering--

does make me wonder what is happening.

But I don't believe that any more of the Israeli citizens are 'evil' than American citizens.

In fact, I am quite convinced that many Israelis are not happy with the present 'regime', and I am also convinced that many Jews outside Israel are very unhappy with Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

I was heartsick when European Jews (not in Israel) were turned away when they tried to get aid to the Palestinians.

I don't believe there is a malignant religion; I don't believe there is a malignant ethnic group--

but I do think that Israel is controversial. I am not even sure why--but I think it's very controversial.

I believe there are evil people in every religion, ethnic group and nationality--

I would never pick out one group to call evil--

unless it is a shadowy group of unknown people who are behind this kind of thing:

I believe there are shadow governments (I heard Dr. Paul use that term) in every nation in the world--

I think they have more power in some than in others; I highly suspect they are very powerful in the most wealthy nations of the world--

but I don't know for sure--

You're asking me to consider you an Ashkenazi Jew--and I am quite sure there are Jews of Ashkenazi descent (I think there's another term for them) among those Orthodox Jews who are unhappy with Israel--

You didn't answer my question--

Is God displeased with righteous Jews? If so, why?

You didn't respond to anything I said about how I support the Jews against Zionism--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--