Comment: If it's any consolation and encouragement to anyone,

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If it's any consolation and encouragement to anyone,

If it's any consolation and encouragement to anyone, I'd like to say:

make no mistake. This is overall the same situation all over Europe to various extents, but sharing the same:

officials and (most) politicians unaccountability - de facto.

Several layers of corruption. Growing dependencies on the state to "protect" the rent-seekers, while removing the freedoms of everybody.

Same for all countries: financial wrecks are coming - the currencies are fake. Social unrest, small or big, because of loss of entitlements.

TPTB will have only one objective: maintain themselves at the top - maintain the status quo, shut up by all means all intelligent resistance or even, debates.

We ought to stay firm, calm, keep taking care of our own safety, our self-sustainability. By all means: keep speaking out as intelligently and informed as you can. As often as you can. As many people as you can reach out to. Start or continue with your relatives and friends.

The big difference I see, though, is the U.S. government and the ally insiders who want to grind down the people much more prone to be more aggressive when they decide to put their psy-ops' penalties against the resistance into execution. Because there is ALSO big money they want to get away with (even if fake).

On the other hand, and that's why I still have faith:

America HAS TASTED liberty longer than any other country. Even if only up to 1913.

You are impregnated with it - even the people currently dependent on the state and complacent - it is not too late to wake them up.

You cannot forget that long of liberty, People.

But "they" just want you TO ABANDON IT, TO SURRENDER ON IT, to them.



I count on your oath keepers as much as on myself.


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