Comment: Regarding privacy and health care ...

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Regarding privacy and health care ...

... before Medicare came into existence in 1965, health care was inexpensive, health insurance was readily available and paid for by the individual (mostly), doctors made house calls, and there were free clinics for poor people.

In addition, people were getting healthier. But that all changed, not because there was a need by the doctors or the patients, but because POLITICIANS wanted "something to do" to "socially engineer society."

It got worse with the passage of the HMO Act in 1973, which mandated large employers to offer health insurance to employees.

As the government has gotten more and more involved in health care, privacy has become less and less. Today, we are on the verge of a complete loss of privacy in health care ... BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT IS TAKING OVER.

The solution? Get the government OUT of health care.

THAT is the solution. You cannot reform government to act better. You cannot get "the right people" in office. The BEST you can do is REDUCE THEIR POWER.

THAT is what the American experiment is all about.

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