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Comment: How About Massive Civil Resistance, Instead?

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How About Massive Civil Resistance, Instead?

Forget war.

1. Avoid participating in any federal government program as much as possible.

2. Avoid fealty to the two-party system whose purpose is the advancement of tyranny against the people. Tell candidates you do not support: perpetual borrowing to fund government operations, taxing Americans who do not engage in commerce, the killing of innocent people in foreign conflict, etc.

3. Delay the payment of taxes as much as possible.

4. Close your commercial bank account and join a credit union.

5. Use cash for daily purchases not credit or debt cards.

6. Take your kids out of public education. Home school or enroll them in a charter school.

7. Say a different pledge of allegiance, such as: "I pledge allegiance to the American people and to the Republic for which they stand under God and to the individual sovereignty of the States who uphold liberty and justice for all".

8. Sign all correspondence with a personal note of freedom such as: "I support the Constitution of these United States", "I support the Bill of Rights", "let the flame of liberty forever burn", etc.

9. Wear an article of clothing on the fourth of July with a slogan such as: "Help the TSA, grope yourself in public", "OBAMA (Obedience, Because, Autocrats, Make, America)", "What government does the best: borrow, print and spend, everything else is the worst", etc.

10. Ask your priest, minister, deacon, rabbi, etc. if it is a sin to murder innocent people. Then ask if he/she supports war.

Don't be idle. Do something.