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Comment: I would like to offer a correction

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I would like to offer a correction

Each of the Free, Sovereign and Independent States of this Union gave Assent to the Constitution and Ratified it, thus establishing the Constitution within the States themselves as the Law in conjunction with their individual State Constitutions, this act of Assent and Ratification subjected the Citizens of each of the States to the operation and function of the Constitution, yet, the jurisdiction of the Constitution as a binding force was never considered outside the character of the Sovereignty of the States.

The first nine free and independent states of "the Union, the perpetual union established "this Constitution" via ratification these states never "adopted" "this Constitution" for it was not in their power adoption would never take place no one no member of any legislature, no Representative no Senator no President would ever sign their name to the document or ever would subscribe to Article VI where in the requirement is to be bound by "this Constitution" to support "this Constitution" "This Constitution" is stated 10 time in the body of the Constitution dated 17 September 1787 which created "this union" not "the Union", "the Union was created by the Articles of Confederation 1777.