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"sad. Really."

Yes, it is sad.

It is sad when establishment prevails when others are true patriots who educate and speak the truth without playing games and adding confusion to the general populace.

It is sad that we once had the growing momentum to prop a Liberty candidate of OUR choice and not rely on msm, gop or others influence.

It is sad that many will back a name and not the policies that we once faught for.

It is sad that many continue to follow rather than take the lead. It is even sadder yet when you will take the lead that others have set forth for you.

It is sad that next election will be weaker than this.

It is sad for anyone who claims to understand politics to believe that romney would have actually won and would have bettered our cause.

What you got? More of the same. Enjoy. You will once again deserve what you get.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul