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BUMP. This makes for a large amount of sense

BUMP. This makes for a large amount of sense; a very helpful refresher, IMO. Even I can admit I was starting to lose sight of this.

Anyone who really cares about politics (I don't, or very very rarely - because I dislike the form of the political argument, essentially partisan soon or late), we ought to pay much more attention at what are the actual stakes:

is it finding consistency in Rand's statements as-is, given in the context of his political line, or is it for us to try defend truly libertarian views and hope to convert him (not sure how...)?

Even if we accept the idea he isn't "as libertarian as" his father, while we happen to prefer this option, it is then also our intellectual duty to point him out to our own (consistency) and demonstrate how more valuable it is than his (political line).

Because I believe ours is (better), on this end.

Anyway, that's the very least we ought to do, I suppose.

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