Comment: What about one of us?

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What about one of us?

What about... instead of suggesting people who may or may not be suited for the job, we figure out a candidate or some other solution amongst ourselves?

The thing about suggesting names like "Rand Paul" (who's chosen the path of a politician), "Judge Napolitano" (who's probably more comfortable in law than in the oval office), "Alex Jones" (who deals best in unravelling conspiracy), "Carol Paul" (who is best in being the supporting pillar of Ron Paul) and so on... is that it's divisive. You will get camps within our camp forming amongst ourselves, arguing who is trustworthy and who is not, what is the best solution, and what will lead us ultimately to disaster.

Have we forgotten that this site is dedicated to Ron Paul? I remember reading somewhere - can't remember - that Michael Nystrom himself talked about this site being made for Ron Paul. Not his son, or anyone else for his matter. Ron Paul. And you know what? Ron Paul sowed seeds amongst us. We. YOU.

So rather than focus on all our energies on a select few who are already doing very well for the cause of liberty, why not focus on those closer to us? Why not focus on those brave people who stepped up to the plate as delegates? Or those of us who became congressmen or representatives precisely because of Ron Paul? How about those of us, or your friends, who are here on this site precisely because of Ron Paul? I wouldn't mind even myself, but I'm far away in Australia, so I can only encourage you... WE, the People.

And even if we can't come to a particular name, why not talk about the very ideas that we want our chosen candidate to stand for? Specific ideas. 'Course, we all know what they are, but only in bits and pieces. Someone's gotta collect them all into a bundle, so that maybe, just maybe, it will resonate extraordinarily strongly with one of us that reads it.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.