Comment: Yes, B is the problem but we only worry about J

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Yes, B is the problem but we only worry about J

I don't see any discussion on how to fix B (aka-the incentives that attract the bad behavior) anywhere. All I see is articles on how bad F and G are plus complaints on J taking place. Then toss in the occasional article and cheering on E.

You seem to be equating tackling B to squaring a circle. I haven't been exposed to that geometric problem so like many of today's issues I can't begin to suggest a solution. However, if you look at the other problem mentioned on that page, trisecting an angle, you'll find two solutions to previously unsolvable problems. Careful investigation shows that neither of those solutions is truly solvable with a ruler and compass. Luckily, this is your lucky day. I personally received this problem in lieu of 2nd semester 10th grade geometry and solved it 15 years later. It definitely can be done with only a ruler and compass and I verified this to 11 digits of accuracy in CAD at the time.

Bragging aside, my point is that no matter how hard a problem seems, it will never get solved if we don't try. If we do, we may find partial solutions and then have to wait for a real one. Either way, it's worth beginning.

Is it time to start chasing some of those specific solutions? I say definitely yes. I began with the frustration of Perot being scared out of the election at his daughter's wedding. Some friends and I came up with a near perfect way to hold politicians accountable and instantly expose all that they do. With the advent of the most current internet tools, the rest has just became very easy to do. With this knowledge what do you think I have been able to accomplish?

Would you believe nothing? The reason is that I can't get a single person to believe it's possible enough to even hear it out. Not one friend (family has but holds no more assistance than I do), not one business, not one liberty minded person, not even one web developer (who could profit tremendously from it). So, I just keep taunting libertarian minded people to find that person who might help until I can afford to do it myself.

This may be a solution to more than one problem but I still ask how many other areas is there a solution just sitting around waiting to put the right two people together to kick it off?