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Thanks for the comment. Glad you mention the VEGAN

distinction. I have seen teenagers who go VEGAN and end up very ill because of the lack of protein and vitamins, and basic lack of knowledge about what is needed for health.

FOR the RECORD I do not advise a change in diet until all the research has been done and you know exactly what you need to eat for health.

I did a very careful study and I choose my food carefully and have no health issues, and in fact perfect glowing health and abundant energy. BUT as you notice I use dairy products and also combine my foods to get complete protein. I have been at this for many years. I also supplement with Vitamin B12 a few times a week.

It takes thought and work, and you cannot just put anything in your stomach and hope for health. You need to know what you are doing bio-chemically and physically to your cells.

Scroll down for complete protein combinations.

Had acid indigestion occasionally and found out that an apple works better than antacid. No longer have it because I avoid what triggers it. Just thought I would pass on a method that worked for me.

I am listening to the pod cast now. Thanks for the link. Yes, I have seen this a few times in teens. Eating eggs, cheeses, yogurt, milk makes a difference. Eggs provide iron, fats, vitamins as well as protein. I eat no meat but have good iron and no anemia. BUT VEGANS are anemic and very pale and lack energy. It is not a good choice of diet! It can be a killer choice.

And yes, sometimes I have felt guilty about even eating dairy, because I wish no harm. I bless them and thank chickens and cows for their eggs and milk. I get my dairy locally in the country where critters have free range and are treated well.

Because I have glowing health, I will not return to eating meat, but if a person tries lacto-vegeatrian, and they are NOT healthy on that diet, then do what works for you to have good health. My daughter does not do well on milk products and so includes fish and chicken a few times a week. I know what works for me. But I have a background in chemistry and nutrition and do lots of research.