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The Big Picture (ie. the Plan):

All this data on every individual is waiting to be datamined for them to use against us after declaration of martial law.

That is the primary reason for the expanding surveillance.

"I've done nothing wrong, so why should I care" <--- this becomes meaningless when they've decided to make almost anything you could possibly doing "wrong" - ie. a 'criminal' act.

The noose will continue to quietly and consistently tighten until the SHTF - most likely scenario? The currency collapse.

Martial Law will be declared. Constitutional protections will be formally suspended. Illegal executive orders signed by successive presidents will go into effect (Rex 84 - etc etc etc)

Then - "for public safety" - they will further criminalize all sorts of ordinary behavior.

Then they will :

- ramp up the datamining operations on the population to flag those individuals and groups that the perceive to be any kind of potential threat .. which will be just about everyone.

- then, they will use those 'laws' to justify pulling you out of line, or raiding your home, or otherwise REMOVE you as a threat.

This is the plan. Bank on it (pun intended)