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How funny...

You are accusing me of misquoting when the source you built your accusation on is:

"The title was justifiably provocative since Rand basically said "we should attack Iran if diplomacy fails to stop them from having nuclear weapons"."

Why didn't you include my use of "basically" in the snippet you used as evidence against me?

basically - In regard to the essence of a matter: essentially, fundamentally.

basically - used when referring to the main or most important characteristic or feature of something

My use of BASICALLY modifies the quoted phrase and renders it as a summary (you fully know this).

BASICALLY, you intentionally manipulated my verbiage to accuse me of manipulating verbiage. How precious, ironic and devious of you. :>

Shouldn't you be out randomly accusing people who express displeasure with Rand as being secret liberal progressive gary johnson/ralph nader supporters?

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