Comment: This is the same misguided question that has killed our chances

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This is the same misguided question that has killed our chances

in both of the last two elections so far. "Who would you vote for" or similar, is the wrong type of thinking about this. Here's why I say that.

TPTB run a top-down organization. They tell all the people below them who to rally behind. In doing so, they assure unity behind a single candidate. They even hold public forums called primaries to further unify their forces behind one candidate. They do this because even as big as they are, they know that splitting their vote effectively nullifies it.

The R3VOLution operates the opposite way. We're all about bottom-up power. Get the people involved and they will push the solution or candidate to the top. Unfortunately, we have zero control over splintering. The Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Judge Nap, etc. people pulled votes from the group and divided us just when we should have been winning straw polls. Even so, we still won them but the media wouldn't have been able to ignore a landslide RP victory if we were fully organized behind him.

So, I would suggest that we organize early and create our own privately controlled but very openly public primary (structured in a very grass roots way) to gain our own consensus. It has to be a single system that all related groups participate in so no duplication or miscounting can take place. This ensures accuracy and that, in turn, attracts support from those naysayers who say we don't have the numbers. Leaving the voting open past this time will allow those new members to also be counted. This is how you build a unified vote which truly can win against the big leagues.

Without any such public consensus, I probably won't even vote.