Comment: I'm Blood Type B and Follow the B Diet

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I'm Blood Type B and Follow the B Diet

Blood Type O has a really hard time being healthy without red meat. Dr. D'Adamo says that if you see a sickly person in a health food market, they're probably a vegetarian O.

My Dad's an O. He never had digestive problems until he moved off the farm and started drinking pastuerized milk. Now, of course, the milk has GMO corn and worse, in it.

My Blood Type A brother was a very sickly baby and toddler, on the same diets the rest of us B's, O's, and AB were eating. A's make good vegetarians, and, like O's, should probably avoid cow milk (in favor of goat's or sheep's milk--our 1961 pediatrician put him on goat's milk).

I mention this because you need to be aware that you and your daughter may not have the same ability to digest and use the same foods, and you should watch for illnesses and brain fog, and the like, and make changes if it isn't right for you.

Dr. D'Adamo also says that B's tend to be activists! Quite true of me.

What do you think?