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If my trustee does anything with my money other than what I instruct it to do, they'll be in a world of hurt.

I cannot imagine any politician being so stupid as to anger everyone with a 401k. They don't have the guts to cut spending, and they're having a battle over taxes, so outright theft would be out of the question.

I can see them changing the rules going forward, but they have no right to make anything ex post facto--and I'll feel free to ignore it if they do.

Further, I cannot imagine the brokerages on Wall Street would let this happen: they may be in bed with politicians, but even they must know that giving control of what to buy, to the politicians, is a threat to themselves.

Of course, whatever you're invested in, they may run into the ground (although inflation tends to be a pretty big obstacle to any permanent price reductions). I have a self-directed Roth IRA because I don't want to pay any tax on the increased price of gold/silver.

You should be careful about "giving investment advice," because there may be penalties even though you have a right to do it.

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