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In regard to your question about how long it might take, I would point you to the revolution of home, self-powered ice boxes replacing the central ice house supplied ones. In the beginning, the ice houses rebelled against the home units, saying that it was a fad and would never take off. Well, we know how that went, don't we. As soon as the people learned that they could plug in their box to an outlet and it would stay cold on it's own, the movement grew beyond the control of the centralized monopoly and they died off almost immediately. Their loss of business drove them under, leaving the remaining customers forced to purchase home units and the switchover was complete. History is replete with examples of this taking place. (1980's satellite TV industry almost did the same thing in 5 years except that 18" dishes (under a monopoly again) stopped this from completion.)

I contend that the name isn't so important at this point in history but the idea is indeed one which can put them out of business and force the remaining 'customers' to 'purchase a home unit'.

If we utilized our new-found inter-connectedness to eliminate all the societal functions which the mega-corporations and big banks perform, we can keep all that money in our hands. Doing that math to my best ability, I find that we would essentially return our dollar (i.e. our wages/hour worked) back to 1913 values. What would happen if we were suddenly all given a 400% raise and prices were cut in half? I doubt there would be much unemployment, retirement ages would plummet, vacation spending would soar, intra-family/friends lending would virtually replace banks and insurance and crime would plummet. As a result, don't you think that government bribery would drop in proportion? How does that all fit in with the protectorate discussion?