Comment: Maybe we can hold a Libertarian Primary?

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Maybe we can hold a Libertarian Primary?

Who says it has to be sanctioned by the state or anyone? We could open up a web site with a debate on who should represent us. Leave it open for a long time frame but allow all input. Gather votes in a ranked fashion so there's no voting against the evil choice gaming. In that debate, people would offer facts and opinions both pro and con. In the process, maybe candidate x can adopt policy y to make them more palletable to the mass of Libertarians. When the whole thing is over, all those involved would have a stake in supporting the resulting winner because they actively participated. While some still may not support the nominee, other disenfranchised members of the D's and R's might just see our bottom-up solidarity and come flooding in.

Perfect? No. Worth the effort of giving it a try? You tell me?