Comment: The Founding Fathers Had a Better Idea.

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The Founding Fathers Had a Better Idea.

Much better is federal government limited to constitutional restraints. All these maps have so many flaws. Neighboring states do not necessarily have common beliefs.

In Indiana, we have little in common with our neighboring near bankrupt, gun banning state of Illinois, nor the union run states of OH and MI. We have a little in common with our southern neighbor KY, but would be more ideologically aligned with AK than any other state.

Look at the northeast, the free state of NH has little in common with the Peoples Republic of VT.

In the southwest, NM and AZ seem so much different.

With separate countries, when I drove from IN to CA to visit my brother, I would require a passport along with several tourist visa approvals and be subject to several border crossing inspections with all the different laws.

The founding fathers envisioned the best form of government for an expanding US, a federal government with very limited powers and states united under the US constitution. Let's make it that way again.