Comment: Humans need to eat 90 things for health

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Humans need to eat 90 things for health

60 Minerals
16 Vitamins
12 Amino Acids
2 Fatty acids

The rest is creative art. Veggie burger sounds great. Lots of flavorful ingredients!

Use pastured eggs and the 16 Vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids are a cinch.

Lately, I have been insuring I get 60 essential minerals daily. It kicked everything up a notch, I was stunned. How had I missed this piece for forty years?

Birth defect in humans runs 1 in 5000. In livestock the numbers are 1 in half a million. Reproductive accuracy is maintained by insuring that the cows, sow and hens are mineral sufficient before conception.

Livestock and Pets are getting better mineral nutrition than we give ourselves. Rats need 27 minerals for optimal health.

Humans need sixty for reducing birth defects, healthy cancer-free and long lives.

Free includes debt-free!