Comment: My first choice would still be Dr. Ron Paul again.

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My first choice would still be Dr. Ron Paul again.

My first choice would still be Dr. Ron Paul again. My second choice would be myself. Either way, that's not going to be easy game.

Ok, j/k about the second choice, I don't have a clear idea as of yet. I'm thinking maybe someone like Rand (why not, you can evolve a bit in 3 years, it's not like 3 months or weeks before a deadline) or Amash or Woods...

But anyway. Looking at the number of distinct topics of serious concerns we could have going on if only on this little oasis of liberty on the WWW ... would that be that it's not so much who the next candidate could be but instead ensuring we really have secured, for good this time, a true renaissance of ideas for a return to the country's institutions?

That's what I believe is now even more important and goes beyond just men, as exceptional they might be...

"western social decay" ... it has been happening, ever spreading ever broader and broader here and elsewhere for too long already.

AFAIC, I still focus on that: the cleansing up on the field of ideas, trying to reach as many as I can of the few people around me.

Hell, I'm rendered to a point where "I attack" a fraud a la Paul Krugman with my comments on his own NYTimes blog... trying to excite curiosity (theirs: his readers, fans or not)... Maybe I'm just making a fool of myself. I don't care. I know WHO the frauds are. And I try to make the common sense points we all know of re: classical economics, or what their keynesian lies consist in.

We get what we pay for. We lose what we neglect.

Victim of a carefully engineered confusion and collectivist deception plans for decades, if not a whole century, the people have let themselves be distracted enough to neglect what had protected them for 130+ years, by 1913.

I believe it is not too late for this effort of Dr. Ron Paul, started in 1971, to reverse this trend of infamy.

Mentalities. The people will get their cold shower anyway ... "soon", I just hope we WILL be ready to restore with them this country's wounded foundations.


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