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Comment: I have to smile with everyone

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I have to smile with everyone

I have to smile with everyone telling the young to gather piles of gold and Plan the retirement.... Plan... Plan... Plan... Gather... Gather... Gather... The funny thing is life has a way of tossing curves at the best made plans... I recall a story that the government outlawed owning gold and forced it to be sold to Fed or treasury. So much for those folks who gathered.

When those plans go south get up dust off and keep the chin up... Don't make those Plans and gathering so important that you miss out on what really counts.

Concentrate on the things you truly have control over. The one thing you will have for your whole life is your Word... If you say you are going to do something follow through... Do your best for the people around you... Take time to really enjoy what you have... Find balance... Good luck with that!

Don't wait until someone is changing your diaper to figure out what really is important to you. I promise you it isn't a pile of gold, a retirement account, house, or a car. A government rule change, a thief, a fire, or accident can take those away in a blink. (Or as Michael now faces a law suit!) If you win at the gold gathering game you will find yourself in court much more often. In fact at a point it will become a full time job to keep your gold.

Sure that gathering is a part of life but, keep it that way! A small part....

Let's say Michael losses everything. All the gold and all the gathered Gone. The way he has lived his life and given (I would guess) Hundreds, Thousands of us would take him in and lend a hand.... That is worth more than all the Gold you can stack...

More important than gathering Avoid debt at all cost....

God must set up there and laugh when he hears us making our plans...

ie: That person who works a hundred hours a week to build that retirement, fill all the goals, stack all the gold, and missed out on life just to die at 50.