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Comment: Philosophy vs. Psychology

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Philosophy vs. Psychology

Free market philosophy recognizes the balance of two driving forces: Greed and Risk. The balance is maintained by restricting coercive individuals and corporations. Voluntary exchange let's each party mind their own desires and hazards.

Who is not greedy for liberty in market transactions.

Defense against coercion creates a risk to an individual that would steal candy from a baby. The free press can report his ill deeds. Other individuals would be wary about making voluntary trades with a known thief.

Keynesian psychology are intended as a means to the ends of a taxable economy.

Towards that end governments create propaganda tools

We have a monetary policy (monetary propaganda )
Fiscal policy (Fiscal propaganda )
National Security Policy or Propaganda.
Banking policy, Defense policy, Drug policy, Energy policy, Wage policy aka propaganda. Government has dozens of tools to increase and maximize it's income through taxation.

Often that means regulating competitors of the Federal Reserve family of Companies in order to maximize the the franchise tax paid by the cartel members. Risks were reduced by Congress by guaranteeing 6% profit after expenses on paid in reserves. Above that is the franchise tax collected.

Policy papers are produced to help Congress with their targeting.

The consumer is affecting tax revenues, so they are targeted with handouts that have produced record profits for the banks involved (JP MOrgan).

Congress trades Treasuries as collateral with Federal Reserve members for Federal Reserve promissory notes. In the paper trade, Congress makes a promise to pay par for Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollars created out of thin air.

The Trillion dollar coin, the endless wasteful projects, consumer confidence, falsified economic numbers, minimum wage laws all to increase tax revenues.

Keynesian Economics is the psychology of playing people for suckers.

Great rebuttal, Peter. (BTW graying hair is a copper deficiency, Dr. Joel Wallach can also help you help your dad. Prison food has left pops mineral deficient. Wallach beat the FDA 4 times in court. He's a friend of liberty.)

Free includes debt-free!