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Fair assessment - thank you

Fair assessment - thank you for your thoughts - to which you can a few more from Ron Paul's End the Fed, and G. Edward Griffin:

* a systemic view of economics become so absurd by and thru the moral hazards it perpetuates that even Congress, itself, can "afford" to NOT understand any longer after one generation of politicians post-1971 ... what REAL money even consist in, delegating this new knowledge "exclusivity" to the gang of crooks of the Fed

* rent-seeking bureaucrat, lobbyist, cronies takeover (consequence of the former)

* in the end, a Broken Window Fallacy that keeps repeating itself in loops as the policy making and failures are "justified" in a gibberish of "reforms", "plans", calling always more of the same ... spreading statist management with less and less accountability

* (a point made by G. Edward Griffin) the collectivist fallacy - for the policy making of the same kind - that sees "social (or economical) groups" as relevant and legitimate finally debunked: from Griffin's view point, which does make a lot of sense, "groups" don't even exist: they are an abstraction that the statist arbitrary creates to serve whatever purpose they see fit - you can touch a tree, but the forest is a concept, you cannot touch it as a whole - likewise, groups' "rights" (entitlements) sacrificing the real rights of the individual become INDEFENSIBLE, not only economically, but morally, and hence, politically

Now we have to keep educating the masses about all that...

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius