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Mr. Jefferson would beg to disagree...

"We certainly cannot deny to other nations that principle whereon our government is founded, that every nation has a right to govern itself internally under what forms it pleases, and to change these forms at its own will; and externally to transact business with other nations through whatever organ it chooses, whether that be a King, Convention, Assembly, Committee, President, or whatever it be. The only thing essential is, the will of the nation." --Thomas Jefferson

"Unmeddling with the affairs of other nations, we presume not to prescribe or censure their course, happy could we be permitted to pursue our own in peace, and to employ all our means in improving the condition of our citizens." --Thomas Jefferson

"It is the right of every nation to prohibit acts of sovereignty from being exercised by any other within its limits" --Thomas Jefferson

"How easily we prescribe for others a cure for their difficulties, while we cannot cure our own." --Thomas Jefferson

And for your perusing pleasure, an entire web page of Jefferson discussing the Rights of Nations:

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