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Comment: School's Front Door Video Cam

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School's Front Door Video Cam

It will be a wait and see as to if they ever release the tape of the video cam from the front door of the school, where Adam was to have shot out the window to enter. Apparently, to enter the door you had to be "buzzed" in after pressing some type of arrival button to announce your presence. Which means someone is always next to the monitor for the front door cam, to see who is there and let them in. Probably have a speaker at the door as well. Maybe Adam rang the door bell and when he wasn't let in, he blasted the window out to get in? Or, if Adam or "someone" else was aware of it, it was put out of commission either before or after entering the building.
It wouldn't suprise me one bit if it turns out the "video cam" was off that day, not working, or they lost the tape. Of course it could always be edited or doctored up as well.