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Comment: A small investment guide

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A small investment guide

in reference to what you are spending your monthly money on.

Before getting wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, I always considered the joke about how men buy big toys and women buy shoes and clothing. Come divorce time, men had something of value to resell and women didn't.

After loosing everything, the big boy toys and the fantastic shoes, I took serious notice of my old spending habits. Did I really need several sets of dinnerware? One set for everyday, one for special occasions and one for holidays.

Did I really have to have a special set of guest bath towels? And even though those really new xmas decorations in the store are amazing and would look fantastic in the home for 14 to 21 days, did I really really need to buy them, just to have them boxed up for 344 days?

Did I really need to buy another whole set of screw drivers and that new set of hubcaps? Did I really need to buy that little toy for my child even though it wasn't their birthday or xmas? Or did I really really need to buy that one dollar candy or bottled water while waiting to check out?

Impulse buying and making excuses to yourself for the need is one of the biggest holes in one's pocket. It's hard to manage that impulse. But if you make a conscious effort, you will be able to save more on the side each month.

One day you have decades of stuff you've collected and enjoy, the next day its completely gone and all you have is a small suit case packed with 3 days of clothing, your jewelry, and a travel case with all your important papers. It gives one a totally different outlook.