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I gave up on scholarships and adopted a very negative attitude

towards them. I don't blame you girls and minorities for taking advantage of the scholarships. It's just, being a white male, affirmative action pisses me off. I know my ancestors were Native American killing, African American enslaving piles of poo but that doesn't mean I should get punished. Why should Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Females have different scholarship requirements than whites and males??? They say it's to make it more fair but affirmative action is far from fairness in my opinon.

I applied for sooooooooooo many different scholarships. I spent hours and hours applying for every scholarship I could find and I didn't get squat. I did get a small lottery scholarship that everyone gets, but you lose that after 2 semesters if you don't maintain a 3.0. After all those hours spent in futility applying for scholarships I'm afraid my motivation to ever apply for another one escapes me. I appreciate the encouragement but I'm not ready to get over my grudge for scholarships as a whole lol.

I chose Economics when I got back into school through community college. I'm honestly just doing it to get something for the money I already put into college, I don't expect to get a job for it. I have a pretty good job as it is eBay selling. The money is good and I like the work. Since we sell everything under the sun I learn something every day. That's what's most important in my opinion, gaining work experience and new skills.

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