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The reason why the honey you buy at the store is not considered vegan is because it exploits the bee. Commercial honey farms take honey from the bee as surely as a diary farmer takes milk from a cow. Vegans consider all life important (even plants) and will not harm anything to benefit themselves if they can help it (their life is important as well). With this kind of principle they don't run from the truth, so instead of making excuses why they can eat honey they simply do not. That's what makes them a vegan instead of a hypocrite.

Fruits, veggies, and nuts have been a big part of agriculture before commercial beekeepers. If you believe commercial beekeepers are necessary you'll have to provide evidence to be verified.

And the idea of not having bees meaning we don't have proper pollination has no bearing on if honey is vegan or not. It's a tangent. If there weren't a sun we wouldn't have plants.

This isn't meant to be offensive to you, as a beekeeper, but as one who looks at matters logically, it does not logically follow that honey fits within vegan principles. Although I can see why, as a beekeeper, you'd want everyone to enjoy your product.