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From approximately 2001

From approximately 2001 through 2008 I (unfortunately) watched a LOT of Fox News. Used to have them on the TV even to listen in the background while I was working. For a while there I (even more unfortunately) considered myself to be Bill O's biggest fan.


In early 2008 I saw first hand how Fox News selectively edited out Ron Paul important moments in one of the debates. The hosts had dropped a loaded question on RP and he absolutely hit it out of the park. During the live debate it of course was aired. But immediately following, during the replay of the debate, Fox edited out that part of the debate where Ron Paul really shined. Instead, Fox cut to commercial & returned to a point forward in the debate, skipping that significant RP debate moment.

I think that for me was the straw that broke the camel's back. From that point on I cut probably 90-95% of my Fox News viewing. I very rarely watch Fox News at all anymore. Today not even 1% of the time I used to spend watching or listening to Fox News.

Fox even edited boos over top cheers during one of the CPAC conventions as well.

Fox News absolutely does not deserve our support.