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The statement you quoted says

The statement you quoted says that they "acquired various domain names that were either passed up or allowed to expire." must fit into the category of "passed up" (by the campaign) and "acquired" by the current owner, not an expired domain name that was purchased for $10-$20.

I was able to find additional evidence of what I described happened with the domain back in January 2008. Here's a link to a forum thread from Jan 2008 on RonPaulForums about the eBay auction:! Near the end of the discussion someone even mentions that it had sold for $25k:!&p=1045496&viewfull=1#post1045496

I also still have the emails of what I discussed with 'the other Ron Paul' who owned the domain name back then along with emails to his agent for the sale.

Anyhow, not that all of this is of significant importance regarding the current sale, but it is what happened back then.