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Combining ideas

How many regular people can record their own words and upload a quick sound bite on YouTube and then have those words downloaded, assembled, and then uploaded again as a competitive message to GAIN CURRENCY.

1 Idea:

combined with another idea.

1 Idea (for example):

So, taking that idea, and adding this one:

I open Google and I type in Liberty Day Challenge

Try it - please. many people writing very short sound bite scripts of their own, and adding Liberty Day

Liberty Day

Liberty Day



The British are not coming, they are here.


Like this:


Clips assembled.

July 4th

Our time is now?

End the FED

End the IRS

Bring the Troops Home

Do it?

Do it soon.

Do it on this day.

No more

Not on our watch.


Liberty Day

Make it real.

Why wait?

They are crushing their own fraud anyway.

Have a better money in use by Liberty Day.

How many days left?


Whatever - I offer - but I'm only one.